2016 Kia Soul vs Honda HR-V

Honda and Kia are two car manufacturers that know the definition of value. When you combine affordability and reliability with the growing crossover market, you get the 2016 Kia Soul and the Honda HRV. The Soul was one of the first to enter this market, but the Honda HRV has a design that is more modern. Both are vehicles that you can feel proud to have in your garage, but which one is the better investment? 

On the outside, it is easy to tell Honda and Kia had two different visions when creating these vehicles. The HRV looks sleek and efficient, but the Kia looks bold and dynamic. Despite their different looks, they are actually very similar in size, offering an equal amount of interior room for passengers and cargo. However, if looks aren't enough to gain your interest, take a look under the hood.

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2016 Kia Soul + VS 2016 Honda HRV LX
$19,400 MSRP $19,465
2.0L I4 Engine 1.8L I4
164 Horsepower 141
151 Torque 127

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Under the hood, the Kia Soul and the Honda HRV both harbor a 4-cylinder engine. The one in the Kia, however, is just a little bit bigger. Consequently, the Kia Soul features a little more horsepower and torque, giving drivers a little more freedom on the road.  

The Kia Soul + is the middle of three trims offered by the Kia Soul. The HRV LX is the base trim offered by Honda for the HRV. This means for the price listed, the HRV does not come with as many of the extra features and options you will find in the Kia. This also means there is an even MORE affordable Kia Soul available, which can save you thousands of dollars. If you have any questions about the 2016 Kia Soul, contact us today or stop in for a test drive!

2016 Kia Soul + Dashboard
2016 Honda HRV Interior
2016 Kia Soul ! Leather Interior
2016 Honda HRV Front Seats

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